Listed at Exchange

Beerhouse is listed on it’s first Exchange. You can start to trade Beerhouse on coinexchange. Happy trading!

Growing Community

Each day our community is getting bigger. More people are joining and taking part in our Airdrops. We hope to welcome you as well!

For and with Breweries

Beerhouse is created to support breweries all over the world. With our crupto currency things will get a lot easier.


Beerhouse Goals

We, from BeerHouse, are big supporters of new beer brands and breweries. Therefore we travel alot and visit lots of small beer breweries to taste and discover new flavors. With several years experience within the beer brewery branche, we came up the idea to make an overall digital currency which could benefit the entire smaller and medium sized breweries and all companies involved around them, which could make it more affordable and easier to run their businesses. With our Beerhouse currency we want to create a global worldwide accepted digital currency.

Specifications Beerhouse

Code:    BEER
Address letter    B
RPC port    21550
P2P port    21549
Block reward    25 coins
Max coins    540million
Premine 20
POS 65% until max
Last PoW  2.6m
Coinbase maturity    6 blocks
Target timespan    1 block
Transaction confirmations    4 blocks

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